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Westgate Capital Consultants is experienced and committed to your success. We can map out a financial plan and investment strategy that is tailored to help you ultimately achieve your specific, long-term goals and dreams.

During the assessment phase, your investment advisor will spend a significant amount of time getting to know you, your story, your family, what’s important to you, how you picture the future, your financial picture, what you value and believe, and your community involvement.

This knowledge allows us to create and implement a holistic, goals-based financial plan using our extensive planning software. Once we have agreed on the financial game plan, we implement a customized investment strategy utilizing our non-proprietary and independent investment research. Our focus on risk management, tax-efficiency, and low cost allows us to help pursue your retirement income, even through a wide variety of market cycles.

Throughout the monitoring phase, we evaluate numerous pieces of data to help ensure you stay on track in your financial plan and portfolio, and we make changes when needed. On a daily basis, every account we manage is tracked by and held with our broker/dealer, LPL Financial. We document your historical investments. As fee-based investment advisors, we charge only an asset based management fee so that our compensation is directly linked to the value of your investment portfolio. Why? It aligns our interests with yours.

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  • Goals & Dreams
  • Desired Lifestyle
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Enduring Legacy
  • Financial Resources
  • Liability Analysis


  • Scenario Projections
  • Income Modeling
  • Shortfall Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Education Funding
  • Charitable Giving


  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Asset Placement
  • ETFs
  • Mutual Funds
  • Alternative Investments


  • Portfolio Management
  • Life and Family Changes
  • Economic Developments
  • Market Fluctuations
  • Governmental & Tax Policies