Plan Participant

Studies have shown that the majority of Americans are not taking the necessary steps to replace their income in retirement. We feel it is our responsibility to help educate our participants about this phenomenon and give them the tools to address this concern. One of our objectives in working with retirement plans is to address this concern, and we have built our services to best help plan participants develop and pursue retirement savings goals.

Westgate Capital Consultants two-fold objective:

  • To provide the education, guidance, and investment tools necessary to help employees plan and pursue an adequate income for their retirement years.

  • To assist plan sponsors and plan fiduciaries in identifying and managing their investment related fiduciary responsibilities.



Enrollment & Guidance

  • Conduct introductory meetings and enrollment sessions
  • Customized enrollment packets for new eligible participants

Annual Reviews

  • Discuss the year’s economic events and market performance
  • Review investment performance within the plan
  • Review risk tolerance, time horizon, asset class characteristics, and rebalancing of portfolios as needed
  • Discuss the impact that inflation, longevity, social security, tax advantages and debt spending have retirement planning
  • Present methods and calculators to determine appropriate retirement savings amounts
  • Review specific provisions of each plan
  • Additional in-depth planning available by appointment

Educational Seminars

  • Invitations to educational seminars to help participants with a better understanding of the stock market, economy and investment strategies. Topics vary and are often sponsored by investment providers.