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At the heart of our business is our ability to provide great services to our clients.

Our services are directed to three different groups within your Retirement Plan:
the Plan Sponsors who are responsible for the daily operations of the plan;
the Plan Fiduciaries who are responsible for oversight and decision making;
and the Plan Participants.

All three of these groups benefit by having us help them understand the complex nature of retirement plans and assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.

We provide top-notch enrollment and education services for your plan participants. Additionally, we provide an annual review for plan sponsor’s that includes investment performance, fee analysis, investment company recommendations based on plan design, product changes and/or investment offerings. By focusing primarily in Western Washington, we are able to offer in depth, personalized services.

Why does Westgate go to such lengths to assist its plan clients? Studies have shown that the majority of Americans are not taking the necessary steps to replace their income in retirement. We feel it is our responsibility to help educate our participants about this phenomenon and give them the tools to address this concern. Likewise, many plan sponsors and trustees feel they lack the tools necessary to fulfill their fiduciary and operational duties.

How does Westgate help these groups address these concerns? We stay laser-focused on two primary objectives.

Westgate Capital Consultants two-fold objective:

  • To provide the education, guidance, and investment tools necessary to help employees plan and pursue an adequate income for their retirement years.

  • To assist plan sponsors and plan fiduciaries in identifying and managing their investment related fiduciary responsibilities.

Services provided
Plan Participant
Plan Sponsor/Fiduciary