Core Beliefs


Westgate Capital Consultants has thrived because of the manner in which we do business and serve our clients and community. For this reason, our mission is comprised of three core beliefs:

  • Touch the lives of others
    At Westgate, we focus on people; families, friends, clients, and our team. WCC provides many insights and can offer ideas from our experiences that meaningfully help people.

  • Impact the financial future of our clients
    Our team has the opportunity to interact with thousands of plan participants and over 150 individual clients. For many, WCC is the only live financial resources available to them. We strive to provide all clients and participants with the tools and knowledge they need to make decisions and put their financial plan into action. We take this seriously and value these opportunities to provide education.

  • Advance the quality of our community
    Tacoma and the surrounding area is a tight-knit community. WCC has been extremely fortunate to serve so many and we enjoy giving back. We do this by volunteering and donating to causes that are important to us. Some of those organizations include: Tacoma Rescue Mission, Youth for Christ, YMCA, The Fund for Women and Girls, The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, and The Grand Theater.


Honesty and integrity are the core guiding principles which govern all that we do at WCC. In investing, our recommendations are founded on the holistic belief in the necessity for:

Balance and Diversification
Discipline and Patience
Customized Risk Evaluation
Coordinating with quality professionals
Ongoing Analysis and Program Review

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